Georgian for beginners
10 georgian language lessons, with individual tutors support!

Our approach


Direct approach

Visual and audio content makes it possible to use associative thinking so that you don’t have to memorize words and learn them over and over again.


The systematic study of grammar helps students understand how the language is built from the inside. They don’t need to cram and try to memorize grammar. Actually, they learn to understand the logic of the language itself.

Action method

Due to this method, students via role plays learn the entire semantic blocks for further communication. Moreover, they can use their new skills in practice immediately.

Nested approach

Words are studied by their meaning, and students work in groups. Each lesson provides for words in accordance with the specific "speaking" topic.


Language is studied through communication. It’s our major principle. Communication itself, as well as various exercises, speed up the entire process of memorization without cramming.

What are the results?

Speak and write Georgian fluently
Solve any everyday issue in Georgia in an easy and convenient way
Find new friends and become part of Georgian culture
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10 georgian language lessons, with individual tutors support!

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About our school

Not so long ago, it was almost impossible to learn the language outside of Georgia. But there were many interested people – for example, ethnic Georgians who wanted to get back an important part of their identity, or expats for whom Georgia became a so-called “second home”, or tourists who fell in love with this beautiful country.
We decided to help all of these people learn reading and writing in Georgian, overcome the language barrier, start speaking, become more confident in solving any everyday issue in Georgia, meet new friends and recognize themselves as a big part of great Georgian culture.

Our teachers

Ramin Jintcharadze
/ course author
Liana Dimitrieva
/ course author
Mariam Okreshidze
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