Georgian for beginners

10 georgian language lessons, with individual tutors support!

This course is for you if

You're planning to visit Georgia
You'd love to get to know an unusual language with a beautiful writing system
You like to learn new languages and cultures

Course program

Lessons 1-10
Some more polite words
Numbers and prices
Verb "to have"
Plural forms
Interrogative words
How to be polite in Georgian?
Some more grammar
The international words
Saying hello in Georgian
The georgian verb "to be"
The uniqueness of Georgian language
Meet AZRI, the Georgian language school
Fun facts about Georgia
Our course includes several components: video lessons, synopses and visuals to all of the lessons, podcasts about culture, task completion check by our tutors, tests.

Our teachers

Ramin Jintcharadze
/ course author
Liana Dimitrieva
/ course author
Mariam Okreshidze
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10 georgian language lessons, with individual tutors support!

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