About Us

February 3, 2017
AZRI — The Georgian language school — was established by a team of enthusiasts led byRamin Jintcharadze.
Since that time, we’ve become an international company, and made the study of the Georgian language an interesting, modern and popular kind of activity provided with simple technology and methodology.

Nowadays, AZRI is…

Modern online platform and mobile app
A team of over 25 people from 5 different countries
Large online conferences about the Georgian language and culture

Our mission

In recent years, it was very difficult to learn the Georgian language anywhere outside the country. However, a lot of people wanted to do it. Among them are ethnic Georgians who wished to get back an important part of their identity, and expats for whom Georgia became the “second home”, and even tourists who loved this country and wanted to pay respect to it through the language. We’ve given all these people such an opportunity.
They began reading and writing in Georgian, overcame the language barrier, started speaking the Georgian language, felt themselves more confident in solving everyday issues, made lots of new friends and became a part of Georgian culture.
Our major goal is to make our students experience all these wonderful emotions. Do you remember the movie known as “Mimino”? “When he is pleased, I will feel that I am pleased as well.”
We feel great when every lesson transforms into joy, you feel a reliable shoulder alongside you, when you can’t wait for the next lesson… We really like to make studying easy and effective.
“It was really convenient, interesting, tempting, entertaining and effective to study language there!”

Our students get

It's up to you to make a decision on the number of lessons you want and convenient time.
Online platform
You can study language from anywhere in the world using our online platform
24/7 support
Individual support by the mentors and curators in around-the-clock mode and checking the completed tasks.
Lessons with native speakers
Interactive lessons, video calls, messaging, texting and communication with native speakers
Materials for study
Illustrated materials, video lessons, podcasts, etc.
Mobile application
The app for word memorization